I am a Wedding Officiant
I am a Non-Denominational Minister
I am a certified Life-Cycle Celebrant®

I reside in New York City.
I have been a teacher for 31 years.
I am an actor.
I am a people person.
I believe in celebrating life.
I believe in celebrating with ceremonies.

As the celebrant officiating at your wedding I will create a ceremony tailor made for you.
I will create the ceremony exactly as you envision it, with the rituals and the symbolism you want.

You have chosen to marry. Let me create your love story, the “Heart Of Your Wedding.”
It will be the start of the most memorable day of your life.
Your personalized ceremony will set the stage for a fabulous celebration!

It will be my honor to serve as your celebrant.
I will create a ceremony that honors the bond you share and everything you hold dear to your heart! I will make this special part of your wedding day stress free and enjoyable.

Let the celebration begin with your love story.

My wishes for you lie in the creation of a personalized and original ceremony including the addition of any traditional or non-traditional rituals and symbols you choose. Each and every moment of your ceremony is about you and what you believe in. Your ceremony will be the perfect picture of who you are. It is an original story of your love. It is the “Heart Of Your Wedding!”

I live in Manhattan and can travel throughout the City as well as New Jersey and New York State. Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts are not out of the question either. I am an ordained non- denominational minister and licensed to perform “legal marriages” and have the knowledge and understanding of ritual, symbolism and tradition that is connected to various religions.