Why Choose A Celebrant?

Celebrants are legally qualified and licensed to marry couples.  We are thoroughly trained in the creation of personalized ceremonies.  Your ceremony will be unique and unlike any other.  It will reflect who you are.  If you are not of a religious background but want a traditional wedding…a celebrant is the wedding officiant for you.  Celebrants are able to create the type of ceremony you desire filled with the traditions and symbols that are meaningful to you.  If you are an inter-faith couple, a celebrant can script a ceremony drawing from both backgrounds to form a warm and loving ceremony.  A celebrant is trained to provide you with the kind of ceremony you dream of but do not know how to  create.  You will be assured of one that shines with quality and dignity and is filled with what is in your hearts.  Whether religious or secular, spiritual or non-denominational, inter-faith or “self expressive” a celebrant wedding is for you. I can create a meaningful ceremony that will express who you are and what you believe in.

Weddings for all

Is The Process An Easy One?

In a celebrant ceremony you are in charge.  I will never impose my beliefs on you.  We will work together to create your perfect ceremony.  I can make suggestions as to choice of rituals, readings, vows etc. but you ALWAYS make the final decision! The process will be stress free and enjoyable.  I will get to know you through our meeting and the questionnaire you fill out.  I will then write your love story.  You will approve each & every word of everything I create.  A story your guests will be happy to experience and will always remember.

After your story is written we will add the “special” touches.  Do you want traditional rituals?  Do you want a particular reading or song to be presented by a loved one?  Do you want something special or out of the ordinary?  We can select the exact emotion you are looking for!

My hope is that you will be ecstatic about this process and not find it tedious.  Remember, Your Ceremony is the “HEART OF YOUR WEDDING!”

When Should We Book Our Celebrant?

Contact me as soon as possible so I can hold the date for you.  I will hold that date for 1 week after our initial meeting.  This will give me the time to research and create your story exactly as you wish.

Vow Renewals

Are Weddings The Only Ceremonies You Do?

No, of course not.  I am pleased to officiate at Commitment/Civil Union Ceremonies as well as Vow Renewals.  I am also available to officiate at any and all types of celebrations you want commemorated.

Is There A Contract?

I do ask my couple to sign a contract and give a 50% non-refundable retainer to hold your wedding date.  It states exactly what my responsibilities will be in the creation and presentation of your ceremony.  It assures you of everything I promise.

I will create an original ceremony of which you will have full approval.

I will give you unlimited Email and phone consultations.

I will research anything you are not sure of.

I will attend a rehearsal and a final meeting if requested.

I will work hand in hand with all vendors on your wedding day to assure a perfect ceremony.

I will be the wedding officiant performing your ceremony.

I will submit your license in a timely fashion.

You will receive a beautifully bound and professionally printed copy of your ceremony as a keepsake.

Weddings for all

What If You Can’t Be At The Wedding?

I will be there!!!
I will get there early to set up and talk to the other vendors involved so that your ceremony will flow smoothly. Should there be an unforeseen emergency and I cannot be there you will have another highly trained officiant who is a graduate from the Celebrant Institute and Foundation and be well versed in everything we have planned for your special day. You will not be left alone.
This is my PROMISE!!!



I will be at your venue prepared to perform your unique and personalized ceremony.  You can be certain that your ceremony will truly be “THE HEART OF YOUR WEDDING!”  Your loved ones will be in awe of the love story that we have created.

It is my desire to create the ceremony you have always dreamed of.  It will tell the wonderful journey you both have traveled to reach this special day.  This will not be a generic ceremony.  We will work together as I create your unique vision.  Each detail will be finely tuned to express the unique couple you are.  From the moment we meet to the moment you are pronounced legally wed you will decide what is right for you.  You will always have final say on what you want and more importantly, what you do not want!

Remember…every ceremony I create is unique and personalized and written to express “THE BOTH OF YOU.”

The fee for your ceremony will be determined on an individual basis.  We will discuss this in person or over the phone before you sign the contract so that there will be no confusion.  You will be assured of getting all that you are dreaming of with no surprises.

You will be pleased with the unique ceremony that tells your story.  It will be “THE HEART OF YOUR WEDDING.”  You will review the final draft and have full approval of each and every word I write!